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Show and Tell Tuesday: Favorite Vacations

Obligatory Couples Photo

Show and Tell - IG Graphic

Today I get to tell you about my favorite vacation!!! Head over to to check out the link-up and see everyone else’s favorite vacations!

I love that this prompt fell on this week. Because as we get ready to head out on our second vacation together, I get to tell you about our first!!

Soon after Mr. Coffee and I met, his friend was getting married in Vegas. So, he asked me if I would want to go along as his date. Um- DUH. And since I’d never seen the Grand Canyon, he said we would rent a car and drive over to see it! What?! I mayyy have gotten a speeding ticket in the convertible Camaro we rented, but it was sooo much fun driving there with him. Every minute we spent together was incredible and we had an amazing time. I cannot wait to go on vacation with him again at the end of the week!!! Here are a few pictures from our Vegas/ Grand Canyon travels! Enjoy! (Sidenote: can we talk about my bangs and dark red hair? I mean… I miss it sometimes.)

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What was your favorite vacation?

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Currently in May…

Mother of Great Danes Game of Thrones Shirt!




Steel Great Dane Plays Well With Coffee Blue Great Dane

Reading: I just posted a review for Nowhere But Home by Liza Palmer. I’ve also read Love, Chloe by Alessandra Torre, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr (and I’ve been smoke free for four weeks and three days!!), and The Iron King by Julie Kagawa. Be on the lookout for reviews for these!!! And I’m currently finishing up You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero and reading Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy.

Watching: Game of Thrones: Oh man… so good this season. Are we really already halfway through?? NOOOO. And, without spoiling, can we just say I’m excited to see the newest possible romance play out? WHAT A POWER COUPLE THAT COULD BE. And its too soon to even speak of the Door thing. Nope.
Grey’s Anatomy: This season’s finale kept me on the edge of my seat!! But I really hope that Amelia is done having all these crazy freakouts. #overitamelia
Fear The Walking Dead: I still cannot decide if I like this show or not. I try not to compare it to The Walking Dead – because its never going to be as good was TWD. But I really can’t figure out why some of the characters are being so stupid.

Listening To: Very much enjoying our free trail of XM Radio in the Tahoe. I flip between The Highway, Y2Kountry, Octane, Alt Nation, Ozzy’s Boneyard, and 50’s on 5. As you know, my musical tastes vary haha. Also, pretty grateful that the free trial will cover us traveling halfway across the United States next week. #winning

Health: Like I said earlier, FOUR WEEKS SMOKE FREE (764 hours, $99.47 saved, 477.50 cigarettes NOT smoked, GO ME). I talk about this proudly and openly. And turns out, some people who I thought knew I smoked – didn’t. Ha!
Working out has been going good, trying for 6 times a week, and have mostly reached that. Really, really enjoying PiYo, which I should have known considering YogaX was my favorite P90x video.
Eating has not been going good. But could be way worse? I dunno. Might do another Whole30 when we get back from vacation. Who knows.

Wearing: All the Lularoe. I’m addicted. They’re just SO GOOD. The Leggings – duh. But the skirts are amazing and I want to wear them everyday except it keeps FREAKING RAINING. I can’t wait to wear the Aztec ones in the desert. Plus I got my “Mother of Great Danes” Shirt!!! YES! (So, yea, gonna need a second Great Dane soon.) And, got these Star Wars “I Love You…. I Know” shirts for Mr. Coffee and I 🙂

Lularoe Leggings Casse TallNCurvy
Mother of Great Danes Game of Thrones Shirt!

Planning: Vacation. We have four major destinations that we want to hit: Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, Ridgway to go to the Ranch Jack hunts at, Arches National Park, and then Steamboat Springs to see my high school bestie, Tara. We purchased a travel foldup crate for Steel and, as you can see above, HE LOVES IT. So excited to spend so much time with my little family! And any suggestions on other small destinations are welcome 🙂 As well as places to shop and eat along the way!!!

Thinking about:
(Disclaimer: I don’t really get into politics on here. And this is not me saying who to vote for. I’m sure there are people on the other side of the fence that have had very similar experiences and I felt I needed to get this out somehow because I couldn’t the other night.)
I’ve been thinking about how some people think being a Republican means you’re a jerk. Basically I was told by some friends this weekend that because there were three of them there, that their vote would out mine and so my vote wouldn’t matter. Here’s the deal. It’s my right to choose who to vote for and newsflash – just because I’m Republican doesn’t mean you know how I’m going to vote. And you may think raising taxes is the way to go, but I don’t agree with that. I’m also not an asshole because of it. I had literally said about a half hour before that I was in the midst of deciding which charity to donate money to monthly (thanks to being encouraged by The Secret and You are a Badass, I’m choosing to give back to the Universe, and hope that others will do the same too). BUT: I want to CHOOSE where my hard earned money goes, I don’t want to be TOLD where it goes or have it TAKEN from me. I could go on. But I won’t.
As far as the fact that my vote won’t count? That’s why this country is going to shit. Because people don’t think their vote will count, so they don’t. So, to sit around a table and say that your vote will cast out mine is childish and pretty much goes against all those things you think makes your choice better than mine. You’re basically trying to take away from me something that I’ve earned by being a citizen – the right to vote.
Sometimes, Mr. Coffee is very out loud and unapologetic about his views, and it pisses people off. I kinda wished I had some of that confidence on that night.

Loving: The fact that soon, I’ll be in Colorado with my man and our dog and NATURE (and hopefully a TV with HBO on it for GoT on Sunday nights hahahahaha).

Do you donate to a charity regularly? Do you donate regularly to different charities? What’s your favorite? Tell me in the comments! (I’m leaning towards the BraveHeart Program!)

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Nowhere But Home by Liza Palmer

Book Review1

Book Review1Amazon | Book Depository | GoodReads


From Goodreads:

Bestselling author Liza Palmer carries readers to North Star, Texas, in the amusing and poignant Nowhere But Home.

After Queenie Wake is dismissed from her restaurant job, she returns to North Star to cook meals for death row inmates.

Hopeful that the bad memories of her late mother and promiscuous sister (now the mother of the captain of the high school football team) have been forgotten by the locals, Queenie discovers that some people can’t be forgotten—heartbreaker Everett Coburn—her old high-school sweetheart.

When secrets from the past emerge, will Queenie be able to stick by her family or will she leave home again?

Liz Palmer’s Nowhere But Home is a funny and touching story of food, football, and fooling around.


I finished this a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. The writing was a little flat at times, but watching Queenie grow throughout the book was captivating. The relationships between her and her sister, her ex-boyfriend, and the ‘popular/rich’ girls in town were all complex and fascinating. I’m always captivated by sibling relationships – my sister and I are not close – so it’s pretty interesting to see what sibling relationships are like for others (even fictional others).

The novel starts out with Queenie losing her job in New York City and deciding to return to her hometown. She needs a place to get her life together, and then move along. Taking a temporary job cooking last meals at the local prison, she learns much about herself, her past and, unfortunately, the inmates for whom she’s cooking the last meals. Can Queenie put her and her family’s torrid past behind her and find happiness? Will she find love in her old high school beau or in new acquaintances she meets along the way? You should probably read her story to find out!

I’m adding this book to my 2016 Reading Challenge as the book with a blue cover, as it was the beautiful sky that drew me in!

Don’t forget to let me know if you read it!!

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The Inn At Rose Harbor by Debbie Macomber

Grab A Cup of Coffee –
Its Time for a Book Review!

The Inn at Rose Harbor

Title: The Inn at Rose Harbor
Author: Debbie Macomber
Goodreads | Amazon | Book Depository


From Goodreads:
Jo Marie Barlow first arrives in Cedar Cove seeking a sense of peace and a fresh start. Coping with the death of her husband, she purchases a local bed-and-breakfast—the newly christened Rose Harbor Inn—ready to begin her life anew. Yet the inn holds more surprises than Jo Marie can imagine.

Her first guest is Joshua Weaver, who has come home to care for his ailing stepfather. The two have never seen eye to eye, and Joshua has little hope that they can reconcile their differences. But a long-lost acquaintance from Joshua’s high school days proves to him that forgiveness is never out of reach and love can bloom even where it’s least expected.

The other guest is Abby Kincaid, who has returned to Cedar Cove to attend her brother’s wedding. Back for the first time in twenty years, she almost wishes she hadn’t come, the picturesque town harboring painful memories from her past. And while Abby reconnects with family and old friends, she realizes she can only move on if she truly allows herself to let go.

Review & Discussion

Your General Thoughts: I was immediately pulled into this book. A few years ago a very good friend, who was like an older brother to me, passed away very unexpectedly. His fiance, my best friend at the time, experienced her own visitation dreams. I, too, had one – one where he held my hand and told me it would be okay before I woke up bawling from the realness of the dream.  I’ll never ever forget it. So – as you can imagine – I made a strong connection with Jo Marie quickly and wanted so badly for her to find peace and happiness.
I really loved this whole story though and cannot wait to read the second novel in the series!!

Your Favorite Thing: I LOVED when Jo Marie went to pick out Rover. She totally wanted a big ol’ scary dog and Rover picked her and she couldn’t deny it. I would love to foster or rescue a dog some day (most likely we will have to get a fence first). So I imagine it going something like this!

Your Least Favorite Thing: I definitely felt like it was a very predictable book – but in some ways – that made it really good too. Sometimes you just need a nice and easy read on a weekend!

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Game of Thrones Outfits!

Game of Thrones in ONE DAY!

In honor of Game of Thrones Season 6 premiering tomorrow, here are a few outfits I put together for some of my favorite characters!

Daenerys Targaryen






Sansa Stark



CANNOT WAIT!!!! Which story line in Game of Thrones are you most excited about?

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Plays Well With Coffee is 1!!!!!


Blogiversary Plays WEll With Coffee

Celebrate Blogiversary Plays Well WIth Coffee

Its My Blog’s Birthday!!!!!!

I’m so excited to say its been exactly one year since my very first Welcome Post! I’ve been a little lax on posting lately – I guess Spring will do that too you. But one of my promises to myself with a blog would be that I would never feel guilty about NOT posting. This isn’t my job, this is my hobby. This isn’t a life sentence that should ever make me feel tied down, this is my own little getaway and my own way to document our life.

So, how do I want to celebrate the blogiversary? By throwing a pretend birthday party, of course!!!


Me! And all the blogs writers I’ve built relationship with over the past year and/or inspired me to start this blog! Beth @ Printcess, Danielle @ From Girlie to Nerdy, Kim @ KimiWho, Nadine @ Life by Nadine, and Kathy @ More Coffee, Less Talky, Angie @ My So-Called Chaos, Danielle @ Sometimes Sweet, Emma & Elsie @ A Beautiful Mess, Jen @ Epbot, Kaelah @ The Clueless Girls Guide, ALL the girls from the Geek Girls x Bloggers facebook group, and from the Nerdy Bloggers group too! And so many more. Honestly, I’d drop an invite on every blog I read, and tell them to bring their families too. photo-1425421598808-4a22ce59cc97


An outdoor BBQ, with lanterns and picnic tables placed around the backyard. A band playing in the background, with cornhole and badminton for entertainment. Beer and wine flowing and a big, delicious cake for every one to devour! Everyone would get a Plays Well With Coffee coffee mug, as a special thank you for supporting my blog.

I’d rent a huge projection screen, so that, after nightfall, we can all gather around and watch the Season 6 Premiere of Game of Thrones together and geek out! The kiddies can all go inside and watch How to Train Your Dragon, since you know – its awesome and dragon related 🙂 After our movie/TV watching, Mr. Coffee and his friends would set off an insane amount of fireworks, just like they do every Independence Day!


When & Where:

This Sunday! Our House! (Let’s pretend that GoT’s premieres mean Monday’s off!)
(Disclaimer: No one show up! This is pretend and I don’t have any of those things set up or rented!)

Thank you for attending my make-believe blog birthday party! I’m so glad to have you as a reader and appreciate every single read, every single share, every single comment, and every single blog-lationship I have made over the past year! 


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52 Weeks of Gratitude: #15 Things You Like About Spring

52 Weeks of Gratitude - Plays Well With Coffee

#15: Things You Like About Spring

Totally procrastinated on this one. It didn’t start feeling like Spring until this week, so I was totally and completely bitter about it. Finally, this week is in at least the upper 50’s with SUN and a little rain here and there. I WILL TAKE IT.

While I might complain about the cold, when I lived in Florida – one of the things I truly and deeply missed were the seasons. I think growing up in Maryland, where you have a definitive winter, spring, summer, and fall – you get a little antsy if you’re in a place without them. Yes, its nice to not freeze your arse off 5 months of the year – but when your sister who lives in New Orleans starts making videos throwing fall leaf cutouts around her living room in November (true story – sorry Chelsea lol) – you know its an issue to not experience these beautiful seasons. And, I will be totally truthful here: When I was driving back home to Maryland/ West Virginia on November 2, 2013, I cried as I was driving through the fall trees. To me, the seasons mean ‘home’.

#1: Flip-Flops and Sandals


I totally love boots (especially my Sorel snow boots!!) but – there’s nothing like that day when your toes can be free and its FLIP FLOP TIME!

#2: Flowers and Leaves, Bees and Bunnies!

Spring Time!

Of course, one of the best things about Spring is all the new life that comes out. The flowers starting popping up, the trees start regrowing their beautiful green leaves, the bees start buzzing around again, and the bunnies and birds start skirting our yard and fields. (You know those bunnies stay as far away from that big ol’ Great Dane as possible!)

#3: Spring Cleaning!

Uh, so I may be crazy, but we just finally got the house “in order” and I’m so excited. Meaning, we’ve gotten rid of all the extra furniture and beds laying around the house. (Literally – there was a box spring in the living room against the wall for like two weeks after we bought our new awesome bed.) So now – its ON. All the cleaning, all the final decluttering, all the reorganizing! And all the projects! We just got the pieces for our new mantel and got the trim for the top of our kitchen wainscoting. ALL THE THINGS!

#4: Concerts!


Good weather = good music. We’re lucky enough to have a concert venue practically in our backyard and my MOST FAVORITE BAND is playing there this year! YAY!

#5: Bonfires and Parties on the Deck

One of my most favorite things is having our friends over for a beer or two and a cookout. And they always end with a bonfire! Cannot wait! As long as mother nature continues to cooperate!!

What are your favorite things about spring?!

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Show and Tell Tuesday – Talk Show Edition

Show and Tell - IG Graphic

Show and Tell - IG Graphic

Two posts in one day, but had to get April’s Golden Snitch Giveaway up! Did you enter?!

For this week’s Show & Tell, I get to pick my Fantasy Talk Show guests! SO FUN!

Guest 1: Miranda Lambert


First of all, Miranda is just plain amazing. She’s badass, is smoking hot (no matter her weight), has an amazing voice, and LOVES DOGS. Yea, we’re gonna have an awesome time. I would definitely talk to her about hunting, where she gets her cowboy boots, and if it really is true about going Platinum (since you know, I’m working on it). And, I’d have purchased enough Redemption Ranch T-Shirts for the entire audience, all proceeds going to the Muttnation Foundation! To end her interview, Miranda would definitely perform one of her songs – maybe “Dry Town” since its one of my favorites and not one she performs everywhere.

Guests 2 & 3: Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki


I mean – of course Jensen and Jared will be on the show. We would talk about all things Supernatural, including what its like to work with that crazy Misha Collins, about their beautiful families, and their #YouAreNotAlone campaign. The You Are Not Alone campaign is a combined effort from the SPN Family Crisis Support Network, IMAlive, and TWLOHA  where persons in crisis can go to find support and love. Seriously – what an amazing network they’ve created based on one thing: Love for their fans. Awe… I’m feeling emotional and will probably need a Jensen and Jared hug. Yep.

Guest 4: Norman Reedus

Screenshot from The Boondock Saints
Screenshot from The Boondock Saints

Yea, Norman would have to be on here. To talk about The Walking Dead, The Boondock Saints (could we maybe recreate the courtroom scene? I know all the words…..) and his cat. I’d also have him and Mr. Coffee do a little crossbow training, because weapons are always a good time.

So, that’s probably it for my show – I could list so many more but then my talk show would be like two hours long and we cant have that – OR CAN WE? Cause I just decided that I’d invite Ellen on to do a Lip Sync Battle (shameless stealing that idea from Jimmy Fallon, but I love Ellen more so – its my show – I do what I want). In which I’d Lip Sync some Kid Rock (I’m pretty good at it – no judging) and do some interpretive lip sync dancing to a Celine Dion song. I want to pick Ellen’s songs, but really its supposed to be a surprise. Maybe she’ll see this, invite me on the show, and we can truly battle it out. (I guess I’d have to pick more songs though. For the surprise factor.)

Who would be on your ultimate fantasy talk show?! Don’t forget to click the Show & Tell Image at the top and go read all the other link-ups!

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April Golden Snitch Giveaway!


*Stereotypical Movie Announcer Voice* In a world… where super heroes collide… we bring you…

BATMAN VS SUPERMAN – the giveaway box.
It’s time for another Golden Snitch – the monthly giveaway box full of geek goodies that opens at the close. This month, we’re all pretty stoked about the Batman vs Superman movie that recently hit theaters (no spoilers, please!) and wanted to offer up some pretty heroic prizes. But before we get into the giveaway and its contents, won’t you please take a moment to get to know me and the other sponsors?

April Golden Snitch Sponsors

I’d Like to Introduce You To…

Since the new Batman VS Superman movie recently came out in theaters, we thought it would be fun to shed some light on what side we’re on. Spoilers: There seem to be a lot of Batman lovin’ ladies in this group!

Batman vs Superman Favorite and why

KIMI | Kimi Who?
I enjoy Batman’s sense of responsibility to his city. He could have anything he wanted – including hiring someone to fight the bad guys for him. But no… he takes it upon himself to do the dirty work of protecting the city and people he loves. Batman Forever! #sopunny
LIANA | Art Prints by Liana
Batman, of course! He has the superpower of unparalleled resilience and restraint of ethical justice and mad martial art skills. Also he’s a super attractive playboy whom no one would expect is the dark knight vigilante. (It probably helps that he’s also my all time favorite comic book character.)
LAURA | Con Couture
They were both awesome in the movie and fighting for what they believed was right. Each perceived the other as the threat, when in reality they needed to work together. Oh, how I love when things get kumbaya. 🙂 So, I’m going to be that person that can’t pick one and say that I just love them both!
HANNAH & SARA | The Perfect Storm BFFs
Batman because he’s just a fairly normal guy who wants to help people and try to make Gotham a better place. He’s trained super hard and uses his gadgets to make that happen. Plus, Batman has the BEST villains!
TISH | The Veganista Foodie
I’ll have to side with Superman. I love superheroes that have cool super powers. I also appreciate the sense of responsibility he has in helping a planet that isn’t even his own.
JENN | The Diary of a Dreamer
Batman. He’s just a mortal man trying to protect his city.
KATY | Plays Well With Coffee
Batman will always be my favorite. Why? Because he’s just a man who wants to take the crime out of Gotham city. But also – that suit and cape – yum!
DANIELLE | From Girlie to Nerdy
BATMAN! I’ll admit, I’ve never liked Superman. I always thought he was kind of lame (sorry, folks). Batman on the other hand has always been my favorite. Although he doesn’t have any true superhero powers, he’s smart, creative, and a little dark. Win-win for me!
ASHLEE | Her Geekery
Batman forever! I’ve always liked that he’s a real guy (albeit, a ridiculously weathy one) who uses his strength and intelligence to save the day. No superpowers required, thank you very much! But let’s be real, between Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck, it’s Cavill all the way<3
JESSICA | The Nifty Nerd
Both these guys aren’t necessarily my favorite, but if I were to pick the winning side it’d be Superman. To keep this succinct- Realistically Superman’s true strength in power greatly outweighs Batman. He could stay a hundred yards away from Batman and just melt him with his heat vision or freeze him with his freeze breath. He wouldn’t even need to get close enough for Batman to use some “trick” like kryptonite.
DARCIE | Homemaker Vs The World
It’s actually really hard for me to choose between Batman and Superman. In the end, I’d have to choose Team Batman. I think Superman has a bit of an unfair advantage by having the powers to do just about anything, including turning back time. Batman has to use his brain and gadgets to get himself out of situations. I’m also more partial to Batman’s backstory. He chooses to do what he does because of what happened to his parents. In the end, while his methods may be a little darker than other super hero’s, he does what he does so others don’t have to go through what he went through when he lost his parents.
Batman all the way. Superman has always been too cheesy for me, and I’m pretty sure rich boy Wayne wouldn’t have a problem getting his hands on some kryptonite.
HEATHER | The Nerdy Fox
Batman…. because I’m not a fan of Superman. Haha. No, I just like Batman more out of the two.
ANGIE | My So-Called Chaos
BATMAN! I just like Batman better honestly…

April Golden Snitch

Enter to Win!

No matter which hero you are rooting for, you’ll look super as the proud owner of this prize box! This month’s box includes a great selection of items including:

  • Second-edition Brian Bolland Batman Black & White Statue
  • Mini Batman Bat Signal
  • Superman QPop Figure
  • Superman & Batman Huggie Earrings (Courtesy of Con Couture)
  • Metal Wonder Woman Business Card Holder

Disclaimer: The giveaway is open to Residents of the United States only. Sorry international readers – shipping for these typically heavy boxes can be rather expensive. Please, no contest accounts. Entries will be verified.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Katy - Plays WEll With Coffee

Humpday Confessions at Plays Well With Coffee

~I still randomly tell Jack that I really love my new car. That Tahoe is my baby. I promise one day I’ll be over it. Not yet though. #whoablackbetty

~I have a list in my head of all the stuff I want to do around the house this spring and I’m slightly scared to write it down. #allthethings #houseintoahome

~Every time we mention our road trip out west people have like 15 opinions on where we should and shouldn’t go. Mr. Coffee wants to show me the ranch where he elk hunts because its beautiful and peaceful and one of his favorite places. Also – the ranch is the destination – NOT THE JOURNEY – the whole thing will be fun. Mostly because we totally always have fun together.   #wedowhatwewant

~My house is a complete wreck right now and I”m starting to get to that *i’m going to explode if this doesn’t change soon* point. I have no clue how clutter accumulates so fast in our house and it irks the HELL out of me. #workingonit #ugh

What’re your confessions this week?!?!
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